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Elisa Huberman was born in the Bronx in 1989.  She was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at the age of 2.  Ever since a very young age, Elisa has been fond of children’s books because they provide an escape into an adventurous imaginative realm.  Impacted by stories, Elisa decided to create her own children’s books that include themes of identity and embracing who you are, as well as pure whimsy. 


Her book projects include “The Blue Bat Dance”, “The Upside Down Giraffe”, “The Odd Duckling”, “Jack Frost and Red Fox”, “In a Street Full of Badgers”, and “The Whimsical Circus.”  She also illustrated “Dottie the Dodo.”  Much of Elisa’s inspiration comes from her fondness of animals, both real and mythical.  Her focus is to create personal work from her own vast imagination and establish her artistic voice. 

Photograph by Ron Terner

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